Privacy Policy


This website uses a temporary cookie with a 3 hour lifespan to enhance your experience on the site by providing a contiguous session between requests. No data is permanantly stored on the server or in your browser in connection with this session cookie.

Your Location

This website requests to use your location when you first connect if your browser supports it. Details of your location are not permanently stored in any log file, database or other storage mechanism, but are used only to determine the nearest locations where you can purchase parking coupons. If you prefer not to share your location, or your browser does not support sharing location, then you will need to browse through the locations offered on the homepage to obtain details of parking coupon sellers.

Third Parties

This page contains third party frameworks and advertisements loaded from third party websites, which may use cookies and other technologies for their own purposes. Please see Google's and Stack Path's privacy statements for up to date details about how they handle your data.

We do not share any user specific data with any third party sites. For the purpose of serving ads that are relevant to the content of this site, we may provide general information about the category of content on this site, please see the third party privacy statements above for information on how they might use that data with respect to other information they have associated with you.