App based Payment

Penang Smart Parking

Penang Smart Parking is a platform to park and pay in Penang. It upgrades the conventional way of parking using parking coupon automatically eliminates the hassle of searching for parking coupon booth and scratch your coupon. You can find parking around selected zones, easily reload your wallet and pay your parking and summon in no time.

Where to Buy Coupons: Seberang Perai Utara

Abd Latif Bin Hj Samsuri
map No 27,Pasar Anika,Taman Selat,Butterworth.
Cheantar Elektronik
map 4388,Jalan Heng Choon Thian,Butterworth.
Genmes Trading
map 4475,Jalan Kg Benggali,Butterworth.
Kedai Foto Bagan Ajam
map 606A,Bagan Ajam,Butterworth.
Kedai Kopi Bee Hin
map 39,Jalan Selat, Taman Selat,Butterworth.
Kiosk Hadapan Hong Kong & Shanghai
map Jalan Bagan Luar,Butterworth.
Martabah Khalifah
map No 61,Jalan Selat,Taman Selat,Butterworth
Peter Elektronic & Aircon Services Centre
map 2,Jalan Selat,Taman Selat,Butterworth.
Restoran Wajib Ali
map 3917,Jalan Bagan Luar,Butterworth.
S.I.T Spices & Herbs Sdn.Bhd.
map 4565,Jalan Kg Benggali,Butterworth.
Urus Tugas Sdn.Bhd.
map Stesyen Minyak Mobil,Butterworth.
UV Top Fashion
map No 4825,Tkt Bwh Jln Pantai,Butterworth.
Weng Foon Optics & Contact Lens Sdn.Bhd
map 2983,Kompleks Chai Leng,Butterworth.